Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas

We all know what it's like uprooting and moving to a different country.

We each get those pangs of homesickness sometimes, be it food, entertainment, sports, or just missing family & friends, so what's better than to meet up with folks from the same country and culture and enjoy a little of what it is like back 'home'?

The British & Proud group was formed to provide a place where visitors and ex-pats could get together, arrange social events, and exchange banter. Currently we are in Louisville, KY and Indianapolis, IN.

Each group also provides an opportunity for when travelling to find 'locals' to meet with and have a friendly face in a strange city, whether resident in the US or just visiting from elsewhere.

Use the 'Contact Us' page to let us know if you're visiting one of the areas where there is a current group, or use the facebook link provided for each group.

Why not open your own British & Proud group in your city?

Let's make this group span the US!

Click the 'Contact Us' link at the top and let us know your info.

​​British & Proud

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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British & Proud!!!  USA

Louisville, Kentucky


Denver, Colorado

Senedd, Cardiff, Wales

Tampa Bay, Florida

West Coast, USA

West Palm Beach, Florida

Lafayette, Louisiana

Salt Lake City, Utah

Westminster, London, England

Stormont, Belfast, N. Ireland

Atlanta, Georgia

New England

Indianapolis, Indiana

Holyrood, Edinburgh, Scotland

Orlando, Florida