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The Indianapolis, Indiana British & Proud!!! Facebook group was started by Rabinder (Bindy) Castellano  in 2015

A few views of the City  

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Indianapolis, IN

Some History ..

The history of Indianapolis spans three centuries. Founded in 1820, the area where the city now stands was originally home to the Lenape(Delaware Nation). In 1821 a small settlement on the west fork of the White River at the mouth of Fall Creek became the county seat of Marion County in 1821, and the state capitol of Indiana, effective January 1, 1825.

Initially the availability of federal lands for purchase in central Indiana made it attractive to new settlement; the first European Americans to permanently settle in the area arrived around 1819 or early 1820. In its early years most of the new arrivals to Indianapolis were Europeans and Americans with European ancestry, but later the city attracted other ethnic groups. The city’s growth was encouraged by its geographic location, 2 miles (3.2 km) northwest of the state’s geographic center. In addition to its designation as a seat of government, Indianapolis’s flat, fertile soil, and central location within Indiana and Midwest, helped it become an early agricultural center. Its proximity to the White River, which provided power for the town’s early mills in the 1820s and 1830s, and the arrival of the railroads, beginning in 1847, established Indianapolis as a manufacturing hub and a transportation center for freight and passenger service. An expanding network of roads, beginning with the early National Road and the Michigan Road, among other routes, connected Indianapolis to other major cities.